Oracle WebCenter Content provides a unified repository to house unstructured content, enabling organizations to deliver it to business users in the proper format and within the context of familiar applications that fit the way they work.

3Di has extensive experience of delivering integrated solutions with Oracle WebCenter Content for our customers. Solutions that we have delivered using WebCenter Content include:

Document Management

Document management is an art of organizing unstructured documents using metadata/folders. 3Di has helped customer to organize the documents by building taxonomy that work. This is an involved process to understand the data that is available and the use of the data by the customer. The end result is document repository that effectively and efficiently capture, secure, share and distribute digital and paper-based documents and reports.

Capture and Imaging

Capture and Imaging enables the automation of conversion of physical documents into digital format or bulk import the digital documents in WebCenter Content document repository. 3Di has developed processes using this for customer that starts with the scanning of the physical documents, validation and approval of scanned document using workflow, tagging of documents and finally storing the documents in the repository.

Digital Asset Management

This feature of WebCenter Content is widely used for management of digital assets like photographs, video, images, etc. 3Di has implemented automation of creation of thumbnails and renditions and convert high-resolution assets into Web-friendly formats.

Web Content Management

The content on the WebCenter portal is stored in WebCenter Content. This feature is extensively used by all the portal built using WebCenter Portal for all our customers along with web content management workflow, roles based content editing/approving/publishing, in-line content editing.

Records Management

Oracle WebCenter Content enables both retention and disposition of information, allowing organizations to define, manage, and execute records and retention policies for all enterprise content from a single application. 3Di has helped our customers to control the creation, declaration, classification, retention, and destruction of content and business records, resulting in improved compliance, minimized litigation risk, and lower storage costs using WebCenter Content.