Managed Systems Development Services

Recruiting, training and retaining technical teams is getting increasingly difficult in a constantly changing technology landscape. 3Di has developed a managed service offering called Extended Development Center (EDC) which consists of a dedicated team of resources that act as customers’ extended teams. 3Di is responsible for recruiting, training and retaining the technical teams and managing the EDC. The EDC can include wide range of resources skills including program managers, project managers, SMEs, UX experts, developers, technical architects, testers, infrastructure engineers, etc. The EDC provide many benefits to our customers that include startups to large enterprises. Some of the benefits include:

  • Partial or Full Time resources
  • Flexible capacity
  • Blended Resources (wide range of skills can be blended in cost of single resource.)
  • No recruiting, training, retention concerns
  • Leverage the experience of 3Di’s vast resource pool
  • 3Di’s relationships with product teams and experts at Oracle & Microsoft
  • Benefit from 3Di’s proven technology implementation methodologies and rapid development frameworks
  • Significant cost savings