Application Maintenance, Operations & Support

Whether your application is a web portal, CRM, ERP, a custom business application or a mobile application, it requires bug fixes, patching, integration and technology upgrades. With mobile applications the constant updating of platforms and platform operating systems pose additional challenges. 3Di provides complete maintenance, operations and support of customer’s applications. With 3Di, you not only get a dedicated  team  familiar with you application but also leverage the combined experience of entire 3Di’s technical team consisting of specialized resources  with experience across  technology stacks of Oracle, Microsoft and Open Source. Customers also benefit from our deep relationships with Oracle and Microsoft product teams and technology experts.

Application Maintenance

  • Document frequently occurring issues
  • Test application and integrations to maintain performance level, security, etc.
  • Find solution for improving performance and functionalities of the application
  • Recommend and implement application changes such as
    • Minor UI changes
    • Data enhancements within original functional features of the application
    • Bug fixes

Application Enhancements

  • Implement minor and major enhancement to the application based on
    • New requirements from the customer
    • Major system changes including integrations, technology changes, etc.
    • Major UI/UX redesign